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E.p.t.q is made of the two words ´Exquisite´ and ´Technique´ made for people who want to perfect exquisite details of their looks.
E.p.t.q. is based on non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid providing a polymer network. This process extends the retention properties of the hyaluronic acid creating a long-lasting product. E.p.t.q. dermal filler line consists of 3 products that meet all demands to active beautifully and well-sculptured results. The products undergo strict safety criteria’s to ensure a high-quality product that can live up to European medical certificates like CE2292 and KFDA.


3 exquisite fillers with different consistencies:

E.p.t.q. S100 Lidocaine: Lightweighted filler ideal for superficial lines and russian lips.

E.p.t.q. S300 Lidocaine: Thicker viscosity used for volumizing the lips and nasolabial lines.

E.p.t.q. S500 Lidocaine: Thick filler suited for deep folds, the jawline, and cheekbones.