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MeLine is the first and only innovative brand, manufactured by Laboratorio Innoaesthetics, that specializes in treatments for different kinds of common skin pigmentations such as hyperpigmentation and depigmentation. More people are being affected by dark patches on their skin, regardless of the color of their skin. To meet the increasing demand from patients worldwide, Laboratorio Innoaesthetics S.L has developed MeLine, a unique range of medical-aesthetic depigmentation treatments, which is a great and effective alternative to other, more invasive treatments.

MeLine acts at the cell level and delivers a more comprehensive treatment compared with other methods, such as laser treatments. By regulating the controlled growth of melanocytes, Meline products do not only eliminate dark patches but also effectively prevent their reappearance while significantly improving the quality of the skin and reducing fine lines and imperfections.

MeLine 01 ID is a professional transdermal solution for the face and body to aid depigmentation treatments and maximize the efficacy of the overall treatment.

Laboratorio Innoaesthetics S.L has deep knowledge of the development and evolution of products used to treat specific skin pigmentation problems safely and effectively. The products are easy to apply and provide fast, effective and long-lasting results.


The MeLine products are formulated with ingredients that act upon every stage in melanogenesis to inhibit melanin production during and after the treatment. In this way, the MeLine products significantly reduce dark patches and considerably reduce the risk of new dark patches forming.


There is a wide variety of skin types, each with its unique characteristics. Depending on its phototype, the skin can react in different ways to endogenous and exogenous factors such as sun exposure, hormones and trauma. Dyschromia and hyperpigmentation, for example, are some of the most common dermatological skin disorders due to their higher concentration of melanin. The MeLine products are formulated to suit the particular characteristics of each skin type. The range, therefore, includes exclusive treatments for low skin phototypes, from I to III, and high skin phototypes, from IV to VI.


Hyperpigmentations are harmless dark skin patches caused by a localized increase in melanin production. There are different types of skin hyperpigmentation, which can be triggered by different factors such as sun exposure, hormonal disorders, or wound healing. Most of the population are affected by hyperpigmentation or have been affected by the alteration at some point in their life.

Melanin is darkening pigments, produced by Melanocytes, which determine the color of our skin and protect our skin cells from UV radiation as they absorb UVA and UVB radiation. The increase of melanocytes or their stimulation results in the increase of melanin production, also called melanogenesis, which can cause the production of eumelanin (black/brown type of melanin) that can lead to the formation of hyperpigmentation in certain areas.

Some of the most common hyperpigmentations are freckles, sun spots and melasma, which can be treated with the wide portfolio from MeLine.