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  • TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula 25G x 50mm

TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula 25G x 50mm

25 x Cannulas
€ 111,00

TSK Product Code: CSH-25050-025

TSK Single Hole Cannula 25G x 50mm is a blunt tip cannula developed with a closed-tip side hole cannula with flexibility and a laser-cut side hole that reduces the risk of bruising and bleeding. This cannula differs from other cannulas on the market since it’s made from TSKs advanced needle technology ULTRA Thin Wall. A larger internal diameter leads to less extrusion force thus a smoother and more controlled injection session.

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The pack contains:

  • 25 x Cannulas
  • 25G x 50mm

Benefits of TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula:

  • ULTRA Thin Wall
  • Less extrusion force needed
  • A more precise and easy injection
  • Reduced risk of bruising and bleeding
  • Type: Dermal fillers


TSK Laboratory manufactures premium quality needles and cannulas for the global aesthetic market. TSK is well-known for its wide range of specialty needles for filler, mesotherapy, and botulinum toxin injections.


TSK strives to make injections perfect and has a long successful history in the development and manufacturing of needles and medical devices, which has resulted in multiple patents for both materials and needle designs. TSK deliver new solutions to the aesthetic branch, that improve the clinical outcome while simultaneously improving patient safety and comfort.


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