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  • Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel 150ml

Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel 150ml

1 Tube x 150 ml per pack
€ 20,00
5 packs: Save 3% = € 19,40 per pack
10 packs: Save 5% = € 19,00 per pack
20 packs: Save 8% = € 18,40 per pack
30 packs: Save 10% = € 18,00 per pack

Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel is a multi-beneficial rinsing cleanser for the face and neck. This cleanser is designed to clean and purify the skin with properties of smoothing and hydrating in the superficial skin layers. The product holds ingredients such as glycolic acid, fruit acids, RHA and a brightening complex to remove make up, imperfections and dead skin cells, furthermore, to hydrate the skin and provide a fresh feel to the skin.

Results with Teoxane AHA Cleasing Gel are silky smooth skin with a more bright and glowing complexion. This product is ideal to use in any daily beauty routine. 

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The pack consists of:

  • 150ml

The composition of the product:

  • Glycolic and fruit acids (AHA)
  • Resilient Hyaluronic Acid
  • Brightening complex

Benefits of Teoxane Post Procedure

  • Cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Protecs and hydrates
  • Leaves the skin smooth

How to use the product

Apply Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel in the morning and/or evening to cleanse the skin. Massage the product into the skin and rinse thoroughly with water. Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types besides sensitive skin.




Teoxane Products

Teoxane is a major player in the aesthetic medicine and skincare, offering effective solutions to help people maintain their beauty. They specialize in dermal fillers and has won a lot of awards over the time including The Aesthetic Awards in 2018.
Teoxane’s most popular line is Teosyal, which is a complete range of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers designed to treat wrinkles, give volume to the face and improve skin quality. The range is made of 100% non-animal origin and is free from parabens and phenoxyethanol, which is chemical preservatives that are toxic to the skin and has the risk of causing cancer. Buy Teosyal online here.


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