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VAT information

If you are not sure what a VAT number is, please see what a VAT number is called in your country - Click here

It is a requirement that all companies within the EU have a valid VAT number to place an order. Hereby, the order will be VAT excluded. Please note that it is not possible to add VAT manually to an order. Countries outside the EU can place orders without a VAT number as long as the shipping of the order goes outside the EU.

You can unfortunately not use a tax number - personal or company. We can only approve your account if you have a valid international VAT number.

In some countries within the EU, you are not required to have a VAT number if you are in a certain industry or if your turnover is below a certain amount. Concerning these cases, we can still not approve you as a customer since we only work with companies with a valid VAT number.

Click here if you want to check if you have a valid VAT number