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Plinest is a bio-revitalising line from the Manufacturer Mastelli. Mastelli has a long history of great tradition and innovation. For more than 60 years, Mastelli has been dedicated on developing products in the field of aesthetic skin care and medical devices. Plinest is a revitalizing line based on polynucleotides of natural origin and hyaluronic acid (HA). Plinest is formulated to enhance the firmness of the skin, while deeply moisturize it.

The bio-revitalising line consists of:

Plinest improves the skin turgor, elasticity and tonicity

Plinest Body improves elasticity, tone the skin and helps remodeling stretch marks

Plinest Fast improves the elasticity and tonicity of the skin while remodeling stretch marks and depressed scars

Plinest Ialest is ideal for injections in the face, neck and cleavage

Plinest Newest is intended for injections in the face as well as the neck and cleavage