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Nithya is a collagen boosting injection brand manufactured by the Italian company Eurosearch, whom are specialized in medical products containing type I collagen of equine origin. As we age the body produces less collagen causing the skin to become drier and the formation of wrinkles will appear. Nithya is designed to stop the aging process of the skin by keeping it firm and youthful. Nithya holds three products in their range: Nithya Injectable Face 70mg, Nithya Injectable Body 200mg and Nithya Cream 200ml.


The products have three key properties:
Anti-ageing effects: Nithya reduces the signs of aging on the face, neck and hands.
Regeneration: Nithya regenerates the connective tissue of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue due to the stimulation of fibroblasts and nucleogenesis.
Correcting genetic malformation: Indicated for restructuring genetic malformations such as hypotrophy and cutaneous hypertonia with lost elasticity of the skin.


Collagen is a natural fibrous protein found naturally in the body and makes up the ECM of human tissues, including skin, tendons, bones and teeth. It represents about one third of the total protein in the human body. Collagen is an important factor when it comes to the process of tissue repair and the biological process of healing. Its actions provide:

Structural support for the recovery of lost substances.

Control the differentiation, migration and synthesis of several cellular proteins.

Enhance the physiological formation of fibroblasts, granulation tissue and native collagen.

Facilitate the contact of platelets and coagulation factors.

Aid the formation of new capillaries.

Collagen has many benefits, from relieving joint pain to improving skin health. The protein is important when it comes to strengthening the skin, while also enhancing elasticity and hydration of the skin.