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Etermis Filler

Etermis (Merz Aesthetics) consists of a range of three monophasic hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers combined with mannitol. Mannitol is an antioxidant added into this powerful formula in order to minimize degradation of HA as it acts as a free-radical scavenger. As a result, the substance greatly improves the effect of the filler and gives a long lasting result. Etermis product range is intended for achieving natural and effective results in treating sagging skin, fine lines, moderate and deep wrinkles and other facial imperfections caused by ageing and volume loss.

Etermis® 3 1ml

Etermis® 3 1ml

2 Syringes x 1ml per pack
€ 115,00

High performance Etermis fillers are designed to meet high expectations when it comes to adverse event that are minimal and tolerability that is excellent. They are for example ideal for treating moderate wrinkles, deep and severe folds, delicate areas, and lips enhancement. Etermis dermal fillers provide long-lasting and natural looking results that may vary depending on patient’s age, skin quality and structure, lifestyle, injection area to be treated, etc. Etermis offer a great product with affordable prices. The product regains confidence and beauty to men and women all over the world.