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  • Volus 10ml

Volus 10ml

1 syringe x 10ml per pack
€ 110,00
5 packs: Save 3% = € 106,70 per pack
10 packs: Save 5% = € 104,50 per pack
20 packs: Save 8% = € 101,20 per pack
30 packs: Save 10% = € 99,00 per pack

Volus 10 is a natural and bio-degradable gel consisting of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. This injectable is perfect for enhancing body volume. Furthermore, Volus 10 is ideal for penile enhancement, body contouring, harmonization of the skin, and natural shaping. The treatment is non-surgical and involves a simple injection leaving minimal scarring.

It can be used in areas such as the buttocks, calves, chest, and hip, for scar reductions and concave deformities. Volus 10 can be injected in the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous.

The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 10ml syringe

Key ingredients:

  • 20 mg/ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Benefits of Volus 10:

  • Ideal for body contouring
  • Enhances body volume
  • Natural shaping and harmonization of the skin
  • Non-surgical and less invasive procedure
  • Minimized recovery period




Across is a medical device manufacturing company that was founded in South Korea in 2009. They excel in research and development, production process, and high-quality control when creating products based on hyaluronic acid. They do so under the basic principle of life respect.