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  • Gouri


1 Syringe x 1ml per pack
€ 85,00
5 packs: Save 3% = € 82,45 per pack
10 packs: Save 5% = € 80,75 per pack
20 packs: Save 8% = € 78,20 per pack
30 packs: Save 10% = € 76,50 per pack
Gouri is a premium collagen stimulator that increases the collagen synthesis rate, which has decreased due to skin aging. It is the first fully liquid type PCL (Polycaprolactone) injectable that rejuvenates the skin through collagenesis in the face. Furthermore, it distributes naturally in the entire face. Gouri is based on the unique CESABP technology (Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer), which activates natural skin collagen regeneration without using microparticles. Compared to hyaluronic acid, PCL has a longer cosmetic performance. It is homogeneously solubilized in water and therefore has a smooth and acceptable extrusion force.
Gouri is to be injected evenly into the dermal or subdermal layer on the face only. It can be injected with a 30 to 35 G needle. For optimal results, it is recommended with 3 sessions at 4 weeks intervals. An additional 1 to 2 treatments can be applied after the 3 sessions, at 3-6 intervals, depending on the patient’s condition.

The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 1ml syringe

Key ingredients:

  • Polycaprolactone (PCL)

Benefits of Gouri:

  • The first liquid type PCL injectable
  • Distributes naturally to the entire face
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Creates collagen synthesis

How long does the result last for?

It takes 6-12 months until the PCL is degraded in the body. The duration depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type.




Dexlevo is a Korean Medical Aesthetic company established in 2013 and are specialized in Biopolymer technology. The company is based on dermatology to achieve essential skincare and is innovative in trying to offer new and better values to their customers.
Dexlevo has its own patented technology, CESABP (Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer). They developed a fully solubilized biocompatible and biodegradable PCL (Polycaprolactone), which distributes efficiently into the skin. The technology effectively creates collagen synthesis on the entire skin. This results in, improvement of skin thickness, density, and elasticity without lumps or nodules. It is a complete innovation for fundamental anti-aging.
Dexlevo has used this technology to develop the next-generation collagen stimulator, Gouri.